Saturday, 1 February 2014

Three Thieves

While Eknath was busy one night conducting a Kirtana in his house, three thieves slipped in and hid in the premises. After the Kirtana was over and the inmates of the house fell asleep, they quietly crept into the inside rooms and collected whatever pots and articles they could lay their hands on. They piled them near the door and went in for more.

Then calamity struck. One after the other the thieves became blind. Groping around for the way out, they stumbled upon the heap of pots and the noise woke up Eknath who came to see what the trouble was about. Hearing his footsteps the thieves who had realized that they had committed a crime by robbing the house of a saint for which they had become afflicted with blindness, cowered and huddled together. Eknath called them and asked the reason of their fear and all three fell at his feet and told him of their woe.

Sight Restored

He immediately passed his hands over their eyes and they regained their sight. He called Girijabai and asked her and Uddhava to feed them and then sent them away with all the pots they had stolen. The thieves, overwhelmed by his goodness and generosity, fell again at his feet and swore that they would never steal again. Seeing their change of heart, Eknath blessed them and explained:

“God has come into my house in your forms, so go now, take these pots and start life a new, adhering to the honest path.”  

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