Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stone Bull Eats Grass

Eknath was forthwith branded as the killer of a brahmin who could bring dead to alive. No matter how he tried to clear himself, they wouldn’t listen.

They held a meetĂing in front of a Siva temple and Eknath repeated what he had said so many times and over before: “I did not force him and God is witness that I am not guilty.”

“Right,” cried their spokesman,

“If God is witness to your innocence, let us see you feed fodder to this Nandi bull (Siva’s vehicle). If God causes the bull to eat the grass, you will be exonerated, not otherwise!”

Eknath humbly bowed to the stone Nandi, patted him gently on the head and offered him the fodĂder, and yes, he opened his mouth, licked and ate the fodder, got up and trotted away, and finally disapĂpeared into the Godavari.  

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