Saturday, 1 February 2014

Army Commander

it was a Thursday when the enemy suddenly stormed the gates of the fort. Janardana Swami was in samadhi while Eknath guarded the door. Seeing that pandemonium reigned, Eknath quickly made up his mind.

He rushed to the room where his guru kept his weapons and coat of mail, put on the armour, and rode out on the guru’s horse, reassuring the people. He dashed out of the fort and into the fray and routed the enemy without disturbing his guru. Having re-established peace and order, he returned the arms and clothes and took back his post at Janardana Swami’s door.

The Swami found out all that had happened without Eknath’s countenance betraying the slightest sign of excitement of the past hours and he felt well pleased with the presence of mind and initiative of his disciple, his courage and humility.  

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