Friday, 26 October 2012

Linga Every Where

Eknath grew up in a devout family in Maharashtra. From childhood, he developed intense devotion for Panduranga (a form of Lord Vishnu worshipped in Maharashtra). As a young boy, his father had once asked him to do the puja in the family shrine. Eknath completed the puja and refused to move from that spot until Panduranga came in person and ate the naivedyam (sacred offering to Bhagavan) that Eknath had offered. He became known for his devotion to Panduranga and Eknath himself was satisfied. Sant Namdeo, another famous saint, was passing through Eknath's hometown. At bhiksha, he tapped Eknath on the head with his staff and said, "the pot is kaccha" implying that he was an immature devotee like a wet clay pot that had not yet been fired in the kiln. Eknath was offended and asked what he should do to become "pukka", (mature). Sant Namdeo sends him to Shri Visobha Kechar in a remote village. 

Eknath goes to that village and enquires after the teacher. On being told, Shri Visobha is in the temple, Eknath goes to the temple. There he finds an old man sleeping on the floor with his feet resting on the shivalinga. Shocked, Eknath goes and rudely wakes up the old man and rebukes him for his effrontery in placing his feet on the Lord. The old man sleepily says that he is tired and would Eknath kindly move his feet away from the Lord. Eknath angrily, lifts the old mans feet and places them away from the shivalinga. Lo and behold, a shivalinga springs up where he placed the old man's feet. Furious, Eknath repeatedly moves the old man's feet only to find that wherever he placed the old man's feet, a shivalinga appeared. It dawned on Eknath that this old man could be none other than Shri Visobha Kechar. He prostates to the teacher and asks that he reveal the nature of the Lord. 

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