Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shiridi Sai Baba on Eknath

The Sai Satcharitra has numerous mentions of "Eknath Bhagwat" book and how sai baba asked his devotees like Kakasaheb Dixit, shama hemadpant and many others to relish this valuable book..... Kakasaheb had just read hari-vrinda & came to baba to ask what he should read next.baba asked him to read Eknath's"Virndavan Pothi".

kakasaheb didnot understand which book baba was referring to. He came with a copy of "Eknathi Bhagwat" & baba agreed that this was the pothi he was refering to.kaka still could not understand why baba should call it as 'Vrindavan Pothi'. He commenced reading and when he reached the end of the book, "know this (book) is not just eleventh canto (of Bhagwat )'. This is the vrindavan of 31 parts. here sri krishana always resides, in his own essence, Full of his own bliss'.

Then kaka realized how much thoroughly familier baba was with Eknath Bhagwat. After finishing reading bhagwat, kakasaheb asked baba whether he should read some other spiritual book given to him by his freind. Baba said " no. only these two book (Eknathi Bhagwat & Bhawartha Ramayana) are sufficient for us".

Now , both these books are written by saint eknath maharaj. sai baba's dependency on these books for his best devotees is an indication how much he loved & admired Eknath maharaj & his works

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