Saturday, 1 February 2014

Three Forefathers

It was- the Shraddha day of Eknath's father and he had called the brahmins of Paithan for dinner; but before serving them, he served the food to some non-hindus.

The brahmins, who had gone to the Godavari for bath, returned back and saw that before them the "Yavnas" are fed, thus showing disrespect for them. Eknath however told them that no disrespect was meant by him as the soul is the same in all human beings and god is pleased when any soul gets the food. The brahmins however would not agree and ultimately agreed to take the food if the forefathers would partake physically.

Shri Eknath agreed to that and requested the forefathers to attend and partake of the food in person. On Eknath's request three forefathers appeared in person and then the brahmins had to take the meals as per their stipulation.  

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