Saturday, 1 February 2014

Samadhi Day

It may be recalled that the Guru of Shri Eknath, Shri Janardan Swami took his samadhi on Falgun Vadya sixth and that day was being observed scrupulously at Eknath's house. Once while speaking about this day, Eknath had said that this day is at present famous for the following four occurrings:-

1) Birthday of Shri Janardanswami.
2) The day on which Shri Eknath got the darshan of Lord Datta.
3) The day on which Shri Eknath met his Guru Janardan Swami for the first time.
4) The day on which Janardan swami took his Samadhi. and added that it would be famous for a fifth occurring in course of time. This occurring to which he referred was his own samadhi day. Shri Eknath also took samadhi on the same day, which was the Birthday and the day of the death anniversary of his Guru.

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