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According to the instructions of his guru, Eknath started on the pilgrimage. They started from Daulatabad and came to Nasik after a few days. After performing the usual rites there, they went to Panchwati Here Shri Janardan Swami told his disciple to write a Commentary in Marathi on "The Chatushloky Bhagwat".

After finishing this work, Eknath went to Trimbakeshwar. There he paid his homage to the Samadhi of Nivrittinath and composed twenty two Abhangas. Eknath similarly had great respect for Dnyanadeo, Sopan and Muktabai and he has composed Abhangas praising them also.

Janardan Swami thereafter returned to Daulatabad and directed his disciple to visit the holy places of Northern India Among the saints of India there was always a practice to visit the holy places in India in order to get the first-hand knowledge of the condition of the country and the people. Eknath was no exception to this convention. According to the directions of his guru, he visited the
  1. Fayoshni,
  2. Tapi and
  3. Narmada rivers. 
Thereafter he visited
  1. Ujjain,
  2. Mathura,
  3. Gokul,
  4. Vrindavan,
  5. Kashi,
  6. Prayag,
  7. Gaya,
  8. Ayodhya,
  9. Badrinath,
  10. Pushkar and
  11. Dwarka,
all of which are in the Northern direction. On his way back to Paithan, he visited Junagad and Dakor in the Gujarat and paid his respects to the Gods in these cities.

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