Saturday, 30 June 2012

Omni Present

One person of the untouchable caste once called Shri Eknath at his house for dinner. In those days of strong orthodoxy, it was a great sin even to touch an untouchable Then if some brahmin goes to the house of an untouchable, he would get an exemplary punishment of being boycotted.

So when the brahmins in Paithan came to know that Shri Eknath has agreed to go to the house of the untouchable for dinner, they were hilarious about catching Eknath red handed so that he could be humiliated in any manner they liked.

Hence on the appointed day they kept a strict watch over Eknath's house. They divided them into two groups and one of them kept a watch over the house of' the untouchable, while the other group kept a watch over Eknath's house.

Very soon the persons in the locality of the untouchables came in Paithan proper and said, " Eknath is in the Maharwada " (the locality where the untouchables were staying). They therefore wanted to storm the house of Shri Eknath.

Hence they went to his house and lo ! Shri Ek-nath was in his own house doing his usual jobs. They therefore again ran to the Maharwada and to their utter surprise they found Eknath Maharaj also there They could not believe in their own eyes and again ran to Shri Eknath's house.

Thus they were running helter skelter from Eknath's house to the Maharwada and back; but all their efforts for catching Shri Eknath were completely foiled, for they could not really decide as to where Shri Eknath was present. In this predicament the brahmins felt ashamed and said that Shri Eknath was not an ordinary person and that he was the gods favourite. 

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