Saturday, 30 June 2012

God Came to Settle His Loans

The sixth day of the dark half of the month of Falgoon was the day when Eknath's Guru Shri Janardan Swami took Samadhi. Hence this day was quite important to Shri Eknath and it used to be observed at Eknath's house very meticulously.   Of course some extra  expenditure   used to  be incurred  on that  day. 

Once Shri Uddhav, who has already been referred to before, could not procure all the things required for the day with the money he had. Hence he   borrowed   rupees seven  hundred from a money lender in Paithan.   Somehow   that  loan   remained   to  be   repaid  for a long time and it so happened that the money lender himself came to Shri Eknath and told him that the outstanding loan should be paid immediately.   

Eknath therefore decided not to eat a morsel of food  upto the time the loan  would not be repaid. He therefore remained without food and slept on a hungry stomach; but in the night it so happened that the money lender was awakened in the dead of the night  by Uddhav and the money  was repaid with  interest.   

In the morning  when Eknath started reading his usual "Pothi"  ( Sacred religious book ) he found in it the promisary note passed  by him duly  receipted.  Very soon the money lender also came to Eknath and   expressed   his   regret   for   having pressed for the  recovery  of his money and also stated that Shri Uddhav came to his house by night to repay the debt.

After listening to this account of the money lender, Shri Eknath followed the whole affair and knew that god had satisfied the pronote posing himself as Uddhav. He however felt very sorry that god had to take that much trouble for him. He was overwhelmed with feelings and he prayed to God and begged his pardon for the troubles given to him.

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