Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dnyaneshwari Compiled and Edited

In the early age of Shri Eknath, his guru used to read Dnyaneshwari and Amritanubhav and Comment thereon. In the beginning these Comments gave rise to a sort of, curiosity in the mind of Eknath about the author of these books. As Eknath grew in age, he also made it a practice to read these books as often as possbile. A close study of these books changed the original curiosity about the author into devotion.

Shri Eknath however noted that because of the different persons copying the books in the manner they liked, so many mistakes had crept therein. In those days we must remember, that there were no printing presses and all books were being copied by persons who used to have good handwriting and often times less intelligence. Hence there always was a possibility of mistakes creeping in at the time of copying.

Shri Eknath saw a few copies of Dnyaneshwari at different places and he found that the persons copying them had deviated from the original in many places. He therefore arranged to collect a number of copies of Dnyaneshwari from various places and after comparing them he decided the correct readings, thus arriving at an authentic edition of the book which was as much near to the original as possible.

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