Saturday, 30 June 2012

Departure to Spiritual World

Shri Eknath told Uddhav to arrange for the "Dindi" and arrange to inform all his friends about his journey to the other world. Eknath thereafter started making his preparations. 1 He first of all had a bath with the water of the Ganges. 2 He then took the "Veena" and started Keertan. 3 He also requested the people to repeat the God's name. The whole procession then started through the streets of the city and Shri Eknath was walking with them singing the God's name all along. On the way the people worshipped him with great affection. Some offered him garland of flowers while others offered him garlands of Tulsi. Bukka was all along being showered like rain. Most of the people were watching Eknath very closely with the idea that this saint will not be seen any more. Some people were oppressed with sorrow so much that they were all along shedding tears but Eknath was quite composed and unruffled as usual. When they reached near the Laxmi Tirth on the bank of Godawari, Eknath requested all to sit down. He then did the Keertan in his usual way. As those were the last words from the month of the great sage, all the people were attentive and they were spell bound with his advice. He thereafter took leave of all and walked slowly towards the stream. He waded in the water slowly and when he was in waste deep water he cast away his human body peacefully.

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