Saturday, 30 June 2012

Death of Krishna Das Postponed

One Shri Krishnadas, who was a poet and who was the contemporary of Shri Eknath, was writing a book on "Yuddha Kand". The writing of the book continued for a long time and Krishna, das felt that his end had come near. He therefore felt that he would not be able to complete his work. Hence he ran to Eknath and stating all the circumstances, requested Eknath to complete his work. Eknath however, enquired with him as to what was the time required by him to complete the work. On being told that eleven days would be required for the purpose, Shri Eknath told Krishnadas that only he would be completing his work and death cannot overcome him during that time. According to the guarantee given by Shri Eknath, Krishnadas completed his work within that period and breathed his last after that period in a peaceful mann¬er. Due ot Shri Eknath's blessings, the life of Krishnadas was extended by eleven days.

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