Friday, 29 June 2012

Bhavartha Ramayana - The Story Behind

Eknath began writing the Bhavartha Ramayana, a Marathi translation of the Ramayana, but took Mahasamadhi (left his body) in 1599 before completing it. This parallels the story of the sage Valmiki: Scholars believe that Valmiki never wrote the Uttar Kanda, but that it was added later. Similarly, in Eknath's case, the Uttar Kanda was written later by his disciples.

Santh Eknath had a boy named "Poli"who was generally considered a good for nothing by all the villagers.One day he was brought to Santh Eknath and remained with him thereafter.After Santh Eknath took samadhi,many of his disciples,including his son tried to complete the Bhavartha Ramayan with no success.One day one of Santh Eknath's disciples had a dream where the Saint told him that Poli would be able to complete the unfinished Bhavartha Ramayan.So next day the day disciple went to meet Poli and told him his dream.Poli was such a sincere and earnest sishya,he immediately said if guruji has said then ok, come and sit and write down what I say,and shlokas just started pouring and Bhavartha Ramayan was thus completed.  

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